Waitt Institute Expedition Ship Home to Blue Halo Montserrat Project Scientists

The Waitt Institute Expedition vessel is currently docked in Carr’s Bay and what a beauty it is.
While the scientists working on the Blue Halo Montserrat project are diving our waters checking the state of our coral and sea life, we wouldn’t mind hanging out aboard this vessel.
Built in 2011 by shipbuilding group Abu Dhabi MAR, the ship will run you a pretty penny per week to charter. It can sleep 12 guests in eight luxury staterooms, plus has 20 crew members.
Features include an on-deck gym, spa, helipad and luxurious white and cream leather and silk interiors.It is equipped with four stand up paddle boards, three kayaks and 2 custom designed 30-foot tenders, each of which are impressive vessels on their own.