The Miss Carival pageant queens.

Tabeanna Reps Montserrat in Miss Carival 2016

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Reigning Miss Montserrat Tabeanna Tuitt competed last Friday, July 1 in the Miss Carival pageant in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

She competed against nine other women for the title of Miss Carival in four segments.

Appearing in the fifth position throughout the evening, Tuitt’s introductory costume depicted the national flower, the Heliconia.

The judged categories were swimwear, talent, evening wear and interview. In the talent segment, called Beautiful Blackness, Miss Montserrat appeared in all black and spoke of the struggles women currently face with being comfortable in their skin.

She wore an electric blue monokini and her evening gown was white with crossed straps and diamonds in strategic places locations.

The competition was judged by a panel compromising men and women from across the region in an effort to reduce bias.

While she did not win in any categories, the competition is seen as a training ground for the upcoming Miss Jaycees Caribbean pageant in Antigua later this month. Former Miss Montserrat Sharissa Ryan currently holds the Miss Jaycees Crown.

Final Results
Community Spirited Award – Miss Trinidad & Tobago – Djennicia Francis
Cooperation – Miss Venezuela – Michelle Sinmues
Miss Congeniality – Miss Trinidad & Tobago – Djennicia Francis
Miss Photogenic – Miss SVG – Nikianna Williams
Best in Swimwear – Miss SVG – Nikianna Williams
Best Talent – Miss Dominica – Tasia Floissac
Best in Evening Gown – Miss SVG – Nikianna Williams
Best Interview – Miss Trinidad & Tobago – Djennicia Francis
2nd Runner up – Miss SVG
1st Runner up – Miss Dominica – Tasia Floissac
Miss Carival 2016 – Miss Trinidad & Tobago – Djennicia Francis