Colin Fergus Promoted to Defence Force Captain

RMDF photo of Captain Fergus receiving his new stripes from HE the Governor and Major Alvin Ryan.

His Excellency the Governor presided over a promotion ceremony in which Lieutenant Colin H. T. Fergus of the Royal Montserrat Defence Force was promoted to the rank of Captain. The ceremony took place at the Governor’s Office on Friday June 9th at 1300hrs. The newly promoted officer had the honour of having his Lieutenant badge of rank replaced with new Captain badge of rank by His Excellency the Governor Andrew Pearce and Major Alvin Ryan to show his new rank in the RMDF.

Captain Fergus joined Royal Montserrat Defence Force on the 17th April 2001. Shortly after enlistment he was promoted to the rank of WO2 Company Sergeant Major (Ag) and confirmed in the rank in December 2002. He was appointed as an Officer Cadet in June 2006. He received local mentoring in his duties from the members of the Officers Corps and received his 1st Commission to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in June 2008. He received his 2nd Commission to the rank of Lieutenant in June 2012. He received the Efficiency Decoration in November 2015 for completing 12 years of efficient qualifying service in the Royal Montserrat Defence Force.

Commanding Officer of the RMDF Major Alvin E Ryan said, “I am pleased with the promotion of Captain Fergus. He has been a dedicated member of the Force and contributed in various positions within the Force. I am glad to see that His Excellency agreed with my recommendation for his promotion.