Watch: Montserrat, the Pompeii of the Caribbean

An excerpt from the documentary film, “Montserrat, the Pompeii of the Caribbean”, directed by Philippe Lespinasse and produced by Grand Angle Productions. The full film can be seen online at

Volcanic eruptions can cause massive damage, as has been seen on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, which was devastated in 1995. The history of this island and the people who live here is very unique and representative of what can cause a such a terrible natural disaster. We travel here to meet the few inhabitants who continue to live here but also the scientists who have made the island a giant laboratory.

This excerpt features Miriam Rothenberg of the SLAM archaeology project. “I hope this teaser will convince you to go watch the whole documentary, and that the exposure will bring more people to visit beautiful and resilient Montserrat!”