Montserrat Animal Protection Socety (Pam Holley Photo)

Dogs and Cats Still Get the Love Despite Curfew

Montserrat Animal Protection Society (Pam Holley Photo)

The Montserrat Animal Protection Society (MAPS) continues to ensure the animals within their care and those they look out for across the island are still being looked after now that the island is on a 24-hour curfew. The care of animals is one of the exceptions to the stay at home rule and that is a good thing for the 16 dogs currently housed at the MAPS shelter in Olveston.

“Shelter manager Gus continues to feed them all twice a day, every day and clean the kennels,” said MAPS member Pamela Holley. “However, the usual Sunday morning Dog Walk has been curtailed during the quarantine and this is a tough time for the dogs to go without regular exercise and human socializing contact.”

Over the years, Pam and her husband Bob have been feeding feral cat colonies around the island and the Little Bay posse has been the hub of their attention for the past eight years. This posse can expect a visit from Pam, who is a diehard cat lover at least three times a week. A generous benefactor donates two large bags of kibble each month to ensure these animals can be cared for.

Cozy comfort at the MAPS Cattery  (Pam Holley Photo)

MAPS is completely self-funded. Donors also sponsor each of the eight kennels at the shelter and annual fundraisers such as the Boxing Day Hash, MAPS Auction, the golf tournament and Trivia Night pay for most of the shelter expenses. They also host Murder Mystery dinners and other smaller events to bring awareness to the charity and the animals, who can also be adopted.

The Cattery has a resident kitty, Goldie, who has lived there for the past six years. Even with the quarantine, Pam tried to visit him almost everyday to feed, brush, and love him. He greets visitors who stop by the shelter.

One of the Little Bay Posse which is cared for through the Montserrat Animal Protection Society (Pam Holley Photo)

Two years ago the society began a trap, neuter and return (TNR) campaign to help control the overpopulation of cats in various locations island wide. Community support and generous donors for this programme has been invaluable, Holley said.

“We have now spayed and neutered 45 island feral cats. Another generous benefactor has funded this project. Vets Drs. Selvyn Maloney and Shadd Antoine perform the spays and neuters, clipping one ear tip to designate those cats.”
Donations of money and food are always welcome and can be left with Susan at Tradewinds Real Estate office in Olveston, across the road from the MAPS sign leading to Montserrat Community College and The Cot.

Find out how you can support by following Montserrat Animal Protection Society on Facebook.

The Sunday walks which allows residents to exercise and play with the dogs have been discontinued due to the 24-hour curfew.  (Pam Holley Photo)