Local Community Groups and Friendly Societies

Montserrat is served by several international friendly societies and other local non-governmental organisations.

Most hold regular meetings and community activities you can attend upon invitation or public notice.

These groups maintain Facebook pages and share regular updates on the local radio station, ZJB Radio Montserrat.

Here are links to their social media pages.


Eco Montserrat

Montserrat Animal Protection Society

Montserrat National Trust

Montserrat Reef Project


Interact Club of Montserrat

Montserrat Brain Trust

Montserrat Children Society

Montserrat Guide Association


Emerald Community Singers

Montserrat Foundation UK Music Programme

International Service Clubs

Interact Club of Montserrat


Rotary Club of Montserrat

Toastmasters International

People/Human Rights

Meals on Wheels

Montserrat Amateur Radio Society

Montserrat Association for Persons with Disabilities

Montserrat Diabetes Association

Montserrat Red Cross

Montserrat Yacht Club

Pink Ribbon Charity

Sports Clubs

Gem Sports Foundation

Montserrat Basketball

Montserrat Football Association Inc.

Montserrat Track Alliance


Do you know any other groups which should be added to our list? Please let us know.

Find other community and Diaspora organisations here ….