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View of Anglican Church in St. Peters.

Churches on Montserrat

Montserrat is a religious society. There is a Christian Council to which most churches are members. The churches serve not only as a place for spiritual growth but often function as hurricane shelters and election polling sites for some communities.

Since 2020, many of the churches now conduct hybrid services which allow viewers from all over the world to join their main events. Funeral services are also live streamed to include family and friends who could not travel home for the service.

Here are a list of churches currently serving the local community.

Anglican Church

There are three Anglican churches on Montserrat. Each of them are among the oldest church buildings on island. Each has a cemetery on property, which allows parishoners to make regular visits to their departed loved ones.

St. James Anglican Church, Salem

St. John’s Anglican Church

St Peter’s Anglican Church

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Apostolic Faith

St. John’s

Cudjoe Head

Church of God of Prophecy

This Pentecostal organisation with headquarters in the United States, has two churches on island. In early 2021, the Salem church building was restored and services are now held their weekly as well as at the St. John’s location.

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Faith Tabernacle

Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church is affiliated with the PAWI organisation. Located in Brades, Montserrat, the church also offers their Brades Arts & Education Centre for use by community groups and individuals for meetings and other events.

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Jehovah’s Witness

Kingdom Hall is located on the left side of St. Peter’s Main road leading to Cheap End.

Methodist Church

Bethseda Methodist in Cavalla Hill

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Judy Piece Methodist

Salem Methodist


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints often has missionaries on island.

Roman Catholic Church

St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church in Salem
St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church in Salem (Discover Montserrat Photo)

There are two catholic churches on island which hold regular services.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is in Lookout. Sunday mass begins at 9:15AM.

St. Martin De Porres is in Salem. Sunday mass begins at 7:00AM.

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The Seventh-Day Adventist community celebrated its 100th year on Montserrat in 2015. The opened a church for the Spanish-speaking community in 2016.

New Ebenezer is located in St. John’s on the main road.

New Carmel SDA is located in Friths

Iglesia Adventista Del 7th Dia Nuevo Amor (New Love Seventh-day Adventist Church) is in Salem.

Shiloh Pentecostal Church

Located on Salem main road.

Wesleyan Holiness

Davy Hill

St. Peter’s