Flag at Half-Mast to Mark the Passing and Funeral of Former Minister of Gov’t Lazelle Howes

Premier Joseph E. Farrell, has ordered that the Montserrat Flag be flown at half-mast on Thursday August 26, 2021 to mark the death and burial of former Minister of Government and Member of Parliament, Ms. Lazelle Gorda Howes.

The lowering of the Flag is used in Montserrat as a symbol of mourning and tribute to persons at the highest levels of Government who have rendered distinguished service to our country.

In lieu of the official funeral rites normally offered to sitting or former legislators at local ceremonies, Premier Farrell has sent a formal tribute to be read by the Government of Montserrat UK Representative, Mrs. Janice Panton, on behalf of the Premier, Government and people of Montserrat.  Also at the request of the Premier, Opposition Member of the Legislative Assembly, Claude Hogan, has graciously accepted to make the floral tribute.

Ms. Howes was a true daughter of the soil and Montserratians are deeply saddened by her untimely passing.  As mentioned in the Premier’s Tribute, her passing leaves behind a void but also a legacy of excellence which will remain with those whose lives she has transformed during her years of service.

Premier Farrell extended condolences on behalf of the Montserrat people who knew her best and held her in highest esteem.

The Funeral Service will be held at the Shiloh Pentecostal Church in Dalston, United Kingdom at 11:00a.m. (BST) or 6:00a.m. local time, and will be livestreamed on the ‘Shiloh Dalston Church’ YouTube Channel. Radio Montserrat (ZJB) will also broadcast the audio from the service at 10:00a.m. local time.

Montserrat has lost a true daughter but her contributions will not be forgotten.