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Outside of new BOM ATM at the Osborne Service Centre in St. Peters.

Bank of Montserrat Opens New ATM in St. Peters

Bank of Montserrat Limited has opened an additional automated teller machine (ATM) today.

This takes the number of ATMs the Bank now has on the island to two.

The new ATM is located at the Osborne Service Centre in St. Peters and will be accessible to customers 24-Hours a Day.

Customers are advised that there will be a fifty-cent transaction charge for withdrawals at the St. Peters ATM to offset the cost of operating the ATM. This transaction fee does not apply to transactions done at the ATM located at the Bank’s main branch in Brades.

In commenting on the launching of the additional ATM, General Manager of Bank of Montserrat, Baldwin Taylor, noted that the new ATM will offer the Bank’s customers yet another channel to have 24-hour access to their funds. He further added that the launching of the ATM is all part of the Bank’s strategic objective of providing customers with multiple options to access cash and pay for goods and services.

The St. Peters ATM will not accept deposits, but customers still can do so at the ATM located at the main branch in Brades. At the new ATM, just as with the one in Brades, customers will be able to access all accounts connected to their local bank card. Customers will also be able to check balances and make transfers between accounts.

A release from Bank of Montserrat Limited said it was “committed to improving its services to help the community thrive.”