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GOM Officials Visit Port Development Project

A team from the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour, and Energy (MCWLE) and the Programme Management Office (PMO) conducted a site visit aboard the barge that is carrying out Drilling and Offshore Geotechnical Investigation of the seabed, as part of the Port Development Project on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

According to officials, the barge’s location at the time of the visit was in the vicinity of the proposed navigation channel. The geotechnical investigation results will be used in the design process for the new jetty, which will be conducted over the next couple of months. Upon the completion of the designs, the construction activity will commence.

Amongst the visiting officials were:

  • The Minster of MCWLE – Dr. Samuel Joseph
  • Project Manager, Port Development Project – Dion Weekes
  • Head of the Programme Management Office – Martin Parlett
  • Director Meridian Construction Limited, Contractor – Richard Starkey
  • Social and Gender Specialist, Meridian Construction Ltd. – Aldean Williams

The officials saw first-hand drilling of the seabed and were informed about the equipment’s importance and the process. Project Manager, Dion Weekes, explained that Meridian Construction Company is the main design and build contractor for the project. Their subcontractor for the geotechnical investigation is being carried out by JACA & SIERRA TESTING LABORATORIES Geotechnical Engineering Services from Puerto Rico. Meridian has also engaged Allnamics International Ltd from Holland to supervise the geotechnical investigation.

Aldean Williams, Martin Parlett, Richard Starkey, Dr. Samuel Joseph, Dion Weekes (MCWLE Photo)
on site at the Port Development Project – (left to right) Aldean Williams, Martin Parlett, Richard Starkey, Dr. Samuel Joseph, Dion Weekes (MCWLE Photo)

“The drilling of boreholes is a critical first phase of Montserrat’s Port Development Project, to test the geotechnical conditions in various locations in the bay. The drilling will test samples from the area adjacent to the current jetty, the proposed dredging basin, and the new jetty and RoRo ramp site. These results from the Geotechnical Investigation will better inform the detailed design and construction planning process,” stated Martin Parlett of the Programme Management Office.

This project is delivered under the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. The project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UKCIF), administered by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The Government of Montserrat also provides counterpart resources with financial support from the European Union EDF 11.