Legislative Assembly Office to Host National Debates in New Parliamentary Year

The Montserrat Legislative Assembly said it will be launching several national debates in the upcoming parliamentary year.

In a media release, Speaker of the House Charliena White, said this is an effort to engage the public on topics of national interest and encourage the increase of national dialogue on Montserrat.

The public is encouraged to be actively involved in these national debates by volunteering to be one of the panelists where possible, attending the debates in person or listening to the live transmission, as well as completing the online survey.

The online survey will allow people to express their views on the topics for national debate and to share the names of people who they would like to see take part.

“In the process of debating, it is expected that various facts will be highlighted, and differences of opinions will be expressed. Therefore, people are encouraged to be tolerant and respectful of others,” White stated. “The Assembly looks forward to what promises to be an exciting time as Montserratians everywhere become involved in the upcoming national debates.”

No dates have been released for the debates.

Complete the survey here – National Debate