Andy and Emmy of Scuba Montserrat in the Turtles of Montserrat movie.

Turtles of Montserrat Movie – A Community Conversation

There are two more opportunities to see the Turtles of Montserrat movie which features the voices and experiences of residents.

John Jeffers in the Turtles of Montserrat movie.

There will be a screening at 6PM tonight, Monday, August 8 at the Brades Arts & Education Centre and on Tuesday, August 9 at Tatty’s Bar in Carr’s Bay.

The 45-minute film was screened last Thursday at the Montserrat National Trust with a cross-section of residents present. Turtles of Montserrat – Listening to Local Voices shares the stories of fisherfolk, chefs, tour guides, young people, and other residents on their interactions with turtles and their knowledge of them.

The film shares the views of various people who actively work to protect the sea creatures, others who catch them for food, and those who make a living offering turtle watching tours and other ocean experiences.

The film is part of the Marine Turtle Action Plan for Montserrat project by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) being conducted in partnership with the Government of Montserrat and the University of Exeter.

Amdeep Sanghera with his colleagues from the MCS were on hand to facilitate several interactive sessions following the screening.

After viewing the film, attendees were asked to work in groups to share their vision for Montserrat and how turtles would fit into it.

A shorter film on the management of turtles on island was used to stimulate more discussions and suggestions on how the island should manage its marine environment and regulate the areas where turtles use to nest.

Attendees weighed in on the current Turtles Act which is from 1951 and outlines the offences of catching them out of season which is June 1 to September 30. The penalty is $48 if caught breaking the law. Participants all agreed the fees should be raised. There were robust discussions around whether there needs to be year-round restrictions on catching turtles and how beach development should be managed to consider the animals.

Sanghera said the feedback from participants at the screenings will be used as part of a new turtle action plan, which will eventually be presented to Cabinet and the Attorney General for updating of the Turtles Act.

View the movie at the times below:

● 8th August – 6:00 – 9:00 pm – Brades Arts & Education Centre
● 9th August – 6:00 – 9:00 pm – Tatty’s Bar, Carr’s Bay