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Joint Pageants at Montserrat Festival a Success

Despite many challenges and set backs, and a threatening sky, the Crowning of a Queen pageant on Friday evening, ended with two new Montserrat Festival royals. Vanice Tuitt, claimed the Miss Montserrat title and...


No 2016 Ms Teen Pageant for Festival

The ladies of Sunrise Productions announced Friday that the 2016 Ms. Teen Pageant has been cancelled. “The circumstances surrounding the cancellation are beyond the control of the members of Sunrise Productions who are committed...


2015 Miss Teen Contestants Embracing the Elements

Five young ladies ranging from 13-17 years will be competing in the Sunrise Productions ‘Embracing the Elements’ themed 2015 Miss. Teen Pageant. On Monday December 21st, Rubeli Rosario, Kimberly Dubbery, Essalene Martin, Jo-Diaz Tye...