2015 Miss Teen Contestants Embracing the Elements

12-2-15-TeenPageant1Five young ladies ranging from 13-17 years will be competing in the Sunrise Productions ‘Embracing the Elements’ themed 2015 Miss. Teen Pageant.

On Monday December 21st, Rubeli Rosario, Kimberly Dubbery, Essalene Martin, Jo-Diaz Tye and Francis Destouche will make appearances in 6 segments—Introductory Speech, Interview, Research and Costume Presentation, Casual Wear, Talent and Evening Wear.

This year is the first time the Sunrise Productions pageant will feature a costume segment.  The organizers say the costume segment was included this year based on a suggestion by some of the contestants and chaperones.  Sunrise Productions explained that the idea was welcomed as it is reflective of the true spirit of Montserrat Festival and provides an opportunity for the work of local costume designers to be displayed.

The event will be held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre starting at 8:00p.m. with each contestant representing one of the elements—earth, wind, water, fire and love.

Meanwhile, the group has started to intensify promotional efforts for the show. On December 1st, pictures of the teens were released on Sunrise Productions Facebook page as a means of introducing them to the Public.

More promotional material will be released to the public in the coming days.

Sunrise Productions was formed in 2005 under the theme “investing in a culturally bright future”. Their main aim is to organize shows and activities that would assist in shaping the lives of young people.

Click on the photo to see all of the pageant contestants.