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Miss Montserrat delegates in the opening number.

Joint Pageants at Montserrat Festival a Success

Despite many challenges and set backs, and a threatening sky, the Crowning of a Queen pageant on Friday evening, ended with two new Montserrat Festival royals.

Vanice Tuitt, claimed the Miss Montserrat title and Serena Laird nabbed the Miss Teen crown in a joint competition which lasted five hours.

The decision was taken to join the two pageants by the Montserrat Festival Committee and Sunrise Productions several months ago due to lack of financing. The Montserrat Arts Council covered the majority of the costs to ensure that this year’s festival could have a pageant as it has been three years since they were held.

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In the teen competition, five young ladies vied for the title and prizes in six categories. They were Jaeda Emmanuel, Michaela Allen Morton, Jada Philips, Serena Laird, and Vernique Fenton. The young ladies had a challenging time in the question and answer segment. The judges results are as follows:

Winner – Serena Laird
1st Runner-Up – Vernique Fenton
2nd Runner-Up – Jaeda Emmanuel
Miss Congeniality – Jaeda Emmanuel
Miss Photogenic – Jaeda Emmanuel
Evening Wear – Vernique Fenton
Casual Wear – Serena Laird
Interview – Vernique Fenton
Introduction – Vernique Fenton
Talent – Serena Laird
Research & Presentation – Serena Laird

There were mixed expectations about the Miss Montserrat competition as there were only two delegates. However, the stellar introductory segment quickly allayed fears that the event would not be worth it. The judges results follow:

Winner- Vanice Tuitt
Runner up – Diandra Doman
Miss Photogenic – Diandra Doman
Introduction – Diandra Doman
Swimwear – Vanice Tuitt
Talent – Vanice Tuitt
Interview – Vanice Tuitt
Platform – Diandra Doman
Evening Wear – Vanice Tuitt

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