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Calypso Eliminations Heads to Salem as MonFest 2015 Draws Near

The first night of calypso eliminations is less than two weeks away as the countdown to Montserrat’s Annual Festival begins.

This year the eliminations have been split into two nights in an effort to make them more community-centric according to the organisers. It will provide a way for local bar owners and food vendors to benefit from the event coming into their neighbourhood.

A total of 37 calypsonians have registered for the competition which will be held in Salem on Saturday November 28 from 8PM and then part two on Saturday December 5 at the Hot Spot in Little Bay (aka the Little Bay Market Parking Lot).

Head of the Calypso Committee Roydenn Silcott says six women have registered for the competition, which is one of the festivals most popular events.

Attendees will need to wait until the end of the second show to find out who will make it to the semi-final round slated for Saturday December 19 in Festival City at Little Bay.

Calypso Finals is scheduled for Wednesday, December 30 in Little Bay.

The current reigning calypso monarch is Keithroy DeBear Morson.