Participants in the 2010 Euphony Vibes Female Calypso Show

Storm is Female Calypso Monarch again

Winner of the Euphony Vibes Female Calypso Show is Vickie ‘Storm’ Locker. (December 11, 2010 File Photo)

BRADES, Montserrat – Vickie “Storm” Locker retained the female calypso crown by beating out three other contenders for the top slot.

Three of the other entries in the show did not participate for various reasons, which made it a lot easier for Storm to please the judges with her songs “Talk, Talk, Talk” and “Next in Line”, a tribute song to Arrow. She received a cash prize of $2500 from the organizers Euphony Vibes.

Also competing were Maxine, who won Most Improved Performer and Best Lyrics, Dynamite who got an $800 consolation prize, and 17-year-old Maggy D, who won the Youngest Performer prize and the 2nd Runner Up slot taking home $1000. Maxine was 1st runner up and took home $1500 in cash.

Providing entertainment during the evening was MC Basil “Ola Soca” dressed as Radio Personality Rose Willock in the national dress, Calypsonians Black Jaguar, and Jack Sprat with featured guest performer Poser from Trinidad & Tobago.

Storm has also made it into the Calypso Finals, which takes place on Thursday, December 30 at ArrowFest 2010.

Maggie D was the 2nd Runner Up

Here are highlights of Tuesday night’s Euphony Vibes Female Calypso Show. It includes the winning songs by the reigning monarch Vickie ‘Storm’ Locker.