Tanty Berch’s Family Makes Donation to Home for Seniors

Caption: Nurse Audrey Johnson of the Margetson Memorial Home accepts a check for EC $1,200 from the grandchildren of the late Ann “Tanty Berch” Williams. From left, Edwin Martin, Jasmine “Barbra” Martin and Melinda Johnson.

The family of the late Ann Williams, better known as Tanty Berch, donated EC $1,200 plus several other items to the Margetson Memorial Home on Saturday, December 29, 2018. The funds were raised during a week of activities to mark the one-year anniversary of Tanty Berch’s passing. The activities included a Fun Day for children, featuring a variety of sports, a Domino competition, and a Beach Day. Other funds were procured through private donations.

Tanty Berch

The family also held a memorial for Tanty Berch and had a “Trip to Byer” that rekindled memories of growing up in the Weekes’ Estate area. “Byer” was the informal name given to the huge yard where Tanty Berch lived and
sold bread.

“We wanted to give something back to Montserrat based on the values our grandmother instilled in us,” said Jasmine “Barbra” Martin, who co-organized the event with sister Melinda “Nana” Johnson and other members of the ‘Tanty Crew’ from the UK/USA and Montserrat.

Ann Williams, a native of Cork Hill, passed away on December 16, 2017, in Birmingham, England, at age 94. She was well-known in Cork Hill, Weekes’ and St. George’s Hill, particularly for her bread baking. She is the mother of five sons, including Joseph “J.D.” Williams, who operates a bakery/restaurant in Salem. Tanty Berch lived the last 20 years of her life in the UK after migrating following the volcanic crisis.

“The family would like to extend thanks and gratitude to ALL those who assisted with the planning, organizing and execution of what we set out to do in our Nan’s memory,” Martin said.