Sunrise Productions Discontinues Montserrat Teen Pageant

Locally-based non-profit Sunrise Productions announced Thursday it will no longer be producing the teen pageant event, which is hosted during the Montserrat Annual Festival in December.

A statement from the team said “Sunrise Productions would like to inform our supporters, business partners and members of the community in general, that the recently held 2018 Ms. Teen was the last Teen Pageant show to be organised under Sunrise Productions.
“Sunrise would therefore at this time like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the group’s success, its endeavours and undertakings. We would like to recognize members of the business community who have made financial contributions over the years. Also, thank you to all chaperones, judges, statisticians, technicians, and well-wishers four your invaluable support.
“Our shows would not have been possible without the participation, dedication and hard work of the brave young ladies, who spent months preparing for the competitions. We extend a special thank you to all of you.
“We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the past Ms. Teen winners:
Miss Nickesha Nixon
Miss Monique Mighty
Miss Loise Manzuetza
Miss. Maggie Destouche

Miss. Jovita White
Miss. Sharese Allen
Miss. Vanice Tuitt
Miss Esselene Martin
And the reigning Ms. Teen-Serena Laird

“Over the years, these shows were organised by young women passionate about our culture and empowering other young women. The Past and Present Members of Sunrise Productions are Loni Howe, Deonne Semple, Viona Alexander Smith, Tanisha Christopher, Vanice Tuitt, Kristen Taylor- Hilton, Ulina Allen, Dwaynifia Joseph, Sharese Allen and Sedrica Chambers.
“A special thank you to Miss Keyola Greene and Chenese Semper who voluntarily assisted the group with the preparations for the 2018 pageant.
“Our motto is ‘Investing in a culturally bright future’, which we have done over the years through the Teen Pageant and other activities. We hope to see other persons, groups or an organisation take up the mantle and continue to encourage young ladies in this form of cultural activity, which not only forms part of our cultural expression during festival, but which also contributes to the personal development of our young ladies. Although this marks the end of Sunrise Productions’ tenure as hosts of the Teen Pageant, we are committed to working on other projects as a team.”