ripe bananas with a blue ribbon
Prize winning bananas from the 2016 Agri Expo

Blue Ribbon Quality Vegetables and More at #AgriExpo on Montserrat

Hon. Acting Premier Delmaude Ryan, Hon. Min of Agriculture Claude Hogan, Permanent Secretary of MALTHE Daphne Cassell, Acting Deputy Governor Lindell Greer-Simpson

More than 150 ribbons have been given in more than 50 categories which are a part of Montserrat’s #AgriExpo 2016.

The two-day event, which opened on Thursday at the Little Bay Market is a colourful and healthy display of the produce, plants, livestock and treats that are being created on island.

Well into Thursday evening, the Rude Boyz and Volpanics played while people browsed the displays and checked out the sleeping animals. You can get more of the action today with the Lion Fish Cook Off which begins at noon.

Hon. Acting Premier Delmaude Ryan said during the opening ceremony that now more than ever increasing the production of locally grown fruits and vegetables was necessary to stem the increase of Diabetes and other Non-Communicable Diseases which is on the rise according to the Chief Medical Officer Dr Lewis.

Ryan encouraged local supermarkets to carry more locally grown produce. She also asked the farmers to be more consistent with production to maintain the availability of goods on the market.

Hon. Minister of Agriculture Claude Hogan said the new Agricultural Strategy and Marketing Plan, which was also launched on Thursday, was a document which will be used to guide the direction of the growth of the sector. “Let’s invest in agriculture. The expo is a demonstration that Montserrat has the capacity to grow more and supply the needs of the island.”

Organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, the event will conclude today with the prize giving ceremony at 4:30 PM at the market.