Voneika Fenton is Montserrat's New Princess

Voneika Fenton (9) is the new St John’s Action Club Princess for 2017.

The St. John’s Action Club held their annual princess show on Sunday evening at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

In front of an enthusiastic audience, five girls competed in several segments including costume, talent and evening wear.

The five were: Elise Gerald (8), Voneika Fenton (9), Tinashe Sweeney-Eshe (9), Sonaiya Burns (9), and Dahlia Silcott-Castro (8).

Ably hosted by Sharlene Lindsay, the girls brought their best to the stage. Providing additional entertainment during the evening were the St. John’s Masquerades, Calypso Vedz, JeDayne Locker, and Pulse featuring Nia Golden.

The final numbers from the judges revealed a very close competition.

Elise Gerald (8) sings Titanium during the talent segment of the Princess Show.

Elise Gerald with 281 was the 2nd runner-up. Sonaiya Burns with 283 was first runner-up and the new princess, Voneika Fenton won with 287.5 points.

Fenton was also adjudged Miss Photogenic by photographer Ian Gerald. She also took the Best Introduction and Best Talent with her dance routine. Best Evening Wear was Dahlia Silcott-Castro while, Sonaiya Burns had the Best Costume.

Congratulations to all of the girls, their chaperones and sponsors for a wonderful evening.