St Patrick’s Festival Opens Today

The annual St Patrick’s Festival kicks off today with Market Day from 7AM until 2PM at the Little Bay Market.

Visitors have begun to arrive despite the challenge that the weather has been. Rough seas caused several days of ferry cancellations. Passengers were brought in on air charters on Thursday as the Antigua port had also been closed. Ferry service is expected to resume on Friday morning.

Market Day is the first official activity on a packed festival calendar which runs until Evergreen Weekend on March 19th. The Ministry of Agriculture is sponsoring the event, which takes place at the Little Bay Market.

The official opening ceremony will begin at 7PM at Heritage Village in Salem. There will be performances and speeches from government officials and organisers.

Rhythm Night follows the opening on the main road in Salem around the bars. String bands and other entertainers will be there to keep the music flowing late into the night.

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