Blue ribbon-quality lettuce will be on sale at Market Day on Friday, March 10.

Market Day is Coming Friday, March 10th

The Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment will be hosting Market Day in collaboration with the St Patrick’s Festival Committee on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Permanent Secretary for the ministry Daphne Cassell said after the stellar job the team at agriculture did with the AgriExpo in December, the St. Patrick’s Festival Committee requested their support to make the event memorable.

The day will begin at 7 AM at the Little Bay Public Market and run until 2 PM

st-patricks-festivalOn sale will be: Vegetables and Root Crops; Fresh meat cuts (beef, pork, sausages) from the government-run abattoir; poultry and eggs; Local Fruit Drinks and Coconut Water; Goat Water, Cassava Bread and Dukna; Barbeque Chicken; Ice-cream in local flavours, such as guava, breadfruit and soursop; Jams, Preserves and Wines; and Arts and Craft items, including ceramics.

Produce from the St Augustine Primary School and Montserrat Secondary School farms will also be available. The ministry’s plant nursery will have nine varieties of fruit trees and vegetable seedlings available for purchase.

The Highlight of Market Day will be a Fish and Meats Tasting around 12:30 PM. Available for tasting will be gar strips, popcorn lion fish, roast beef, suckling pig, served with breadfruit chips.

All are invited to come down and enjoy the day.