Cabinet of Montserrat Holds Virtual Meeting, Additional Measures Expected

Additional measures are expected to be implemented once the results of the eight samples sent off for COVID-19 testing are received.

According to a government press release, the Cabinet on Montserrat held a virtual meeting on Monday March 23,  as a means of adhering to social distancing among members. The Cabinet includes the current government, along with the governor, attorney general, and financial secretary.

This approach was introduced to protect members of Cabinet from contracting or spreading the coronavirus, and also to exemplify the government’s key messages. At that meeting, Cabinet was also informed that eight new COVID – 19 samples were sent off to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARHPA) on Monday for investigation. In anticipation of those results, Cabinet agreed on a number of new measures which will be implemented depending on
the outcome of those results. Cabinet further advised the attorney general to prepare provisional draft orders for new measures to be implemented.

The results are expected either today Tuesday or Wednesday March 25. Following this, the new measures will be announced and publicized.