Montserrat Community College Sees 100% Passes in 13 of 20 Subjects in 2021 Exams

The Montserrat Community College achieved 100 per cent passes in 13 of the 20 subjects in the 2021 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) exams.
A press release from the college states that forty-five students wrote in 20 subject areas.
There were 100% passes in 13 of them including Accounting Unit 2, Biology Unit 1, Caribbean Studies, Chemistry Unit 2, Computer Science Unit 1, Digital Media Unit 1, and Entrepreneurship Unit 1.
The others are Environmental Science Unit 1, Information Technology Unit 1, Management of Business Unit 1, Physics Unit 1, Sociology Unit 2, and Tourism Unit 2.
Passes ranging from 96% to 80% were obtained in six of the remaining seven subject areas.
There was a total of 150 exam sittings with 140passes.
The Overall Pass Rate for the College for the 2021 Advanced Proficiency examinations is 93.3%.