New Montserrat Youth Parliament Sworn in

A 14-member body representing Montserrat’s Youth Parliament were sworn in on Sunday, March 27 at the Cultural Centre.

Tyrese Herdsman affirms his commitment to serve as Minister of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy in the Youth Parliament

With the usual pomp and circumstance of the official parliament, the Speaker of Legislative Assembly Charliena White presided over the ceremony until the new youth Speaker was sworn in.

White encouraged the youth parliamentarians to conduct themselves in a manner that will inspire their peers and those who will come behind them.

Shanique Hoyte, the new Speaker of Youth Parliament, said she hopes the youth body will contribute to the social and economic change of Montserrat. She also hoped it would lead more young people to lend their voice to political matters.

Youth Premier Claribel Figueroa said in her address that youth should have a voice and input in implementing policies of a country. “Giving voice to young people in big matters can make a big difference.”

Alana Kassie, Leader of the Youth Opposition in her remarks said her four-member-strong team were ready to keep the government in check. The 13-year-old MSS student then invited the public to “watch out for what is to come from the Montserrat Youth Parliament as they mean to do great things.”

Members of the Youth Parliament with Speaker of the House Charliena White, Premier Joseph Farrell, Minister Crenston Buffonge and MLA Donaldson Romeo.
Youth Parliament Premier Claribel Figueroa and Premier Joseph Farrell

The members of the Youth Parliament are:

 Shanique Hoyte – Speaker of the House

Claribel Figueroa – Premier and Minister of Finance & Economic Management

St. Luke LeBlanc – Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment

Tyrese Herdsman – Deputy Speaker and Minister of Communications, Works, Labour & Energy

Marettha Greenaway – Minister of Health, Education, Youth Affairs & Sports

Jesumene Pierre – Parliamentary Secretary

Alana Kassie – Leader of the Opposition

Chrystal Archer – Member of Parliament

Attorney General Mikayla Cole addresses the house as Financial Secretary Jaena Golden looks on.

Hayley-Shai Kassie – Member of Parliament

Khayla West – Member of Parliament

Leela Louis – Member of Parliament

Rosanna Rasool – Member of Parliament

Mikayla Cole – Attorney General

Jaena Golden – Financial Secretary

Keirra Daley – Clerk

Watch the ceremony below: