Bakeries, Fisheries and Food Delivery Added to Essential Services List

The Government of Montserrat has extended the list of ‘essential services’ in the Public Health (COVID-19 Control and suppression) order.

The additional list of essential services, are outlined in the Public Health (COVID-19 Control and suppression) (Amendment) Order S. R.O. 20 of 2020. The list of essential services now includes the following:

– services of a bakery;

– services connected with fisheries;

– a food delivery service, by a person or business that is granted permission to operate as a food delivery service. The permission must be granted by the Minister of Health in writing.

– a service deemed to be an essential service. In this case, the Minister of Health, may in writing deem a service to be an ‘essential service’.

S.R.O 20 of 2020 can be read at the following link: