Statistics Release 2022 Recap, Population Decreasing

Statistics Department Montserrat has released a video of vital statistics captured for Montserrat in 2022.

It includes a 2022 mid-year population estimate of 4433 with 2246 females and 2187 males. This is down by 216 people from the 2018 Census Count of 4649.

According to the SDM website, this population figure has decreased further to 4275 with 2160 females and 2115 males.

Other data shared in the video was that there were 35 births in 2022 and 58 deaths.

August was the hottest month on record at an average of 83 degrees Farhenheit.

Montserrat received the most rain during September with 248.5mm of rain.

The island’s farmer produced 18,817 pounds of white potatoes.

Watch the video for more stats about tourism, sandmining and fuel prices.