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Coronation Salute (GIU Photo)

Montserrat Marks Coronation of King Charles III at Home and in the UK

Gov and Premier at Coronation Concert on Sunday. (Governor’s Office Photo)

Montserrat marked the coronation of a new monarch with a small ceremony on Saturday morning, while representatives participated in the official activities happening in London.

Ten members of the Royal Montserrat Defense Force were part of the more than 4,000 personnel from the UK and Commonwealth Armed Forces, who took part in an impressive display of precision during Saturday morning’s coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Two officers from the Royal Montserrat Police Service were a part of the policing support for the event.

Meanwhile Governor Sarah Tucker, Premier Joseph Farrell and UK Montserrat Representative Janic Panton attended various events surrounding the Coronation. The governor and premier were at Westminister Abbey to witness the ceremony.

Saturday morning’s ceremony in Montserrat was led by Acting Governor Lyndell Simpson. Before the 21-Gun Salute to mark the Coronaton, Mrs Simpson said she was delighted that Montserrat was able to celebrate the historic occasion and that we were being proudly represented in the UK.

She read a message from the newly crowned King.

“As my wife and I mark this very special moment, we want to thank all of you in the commonwealth and throughout the world for your good wishes. We have been hugely inspired by the community sprit on display at coronation celebrations such as this and are deeply touched by similar events taking place across the globe. We want to express our warmest gratitude to all our friends and for your kindness as we embark on this new chapter with you.”

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