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Nevis Supports Reboot of Montserrat Youth Parliament

Montserrat once again has a functioning Youth Parliament thanks to the support of the Nevis Island Assembly. “It’s been a long time,” says the Hon. Shirley Osborne, Speaker of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly. “Madam...


Green Masquerades for Montserrat

A new masquerade troupe is in the works in the hopes it can be a welcome addition to Montserrat’s cultural and artistic landscape. “Green Masquerade” was the brainchild of Hon. Speaker of the House...


2018-2019 Parliamentary Year Opening Postponed

At the request of the Honourable Premier Mr. Donaldson Romeo, the Parliamentary Year 2018-2019 of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly will not open in September this year. According to a release from the Speaker of...