Montserrat Brain Trust, A New Learning Space for Children Established

Children between the ages of eight to 14 and adults now have a new learning space with the Montserrat Brain Trust.

According to founder Shirley Osborne, the Montserrat Brain Trust is a learning and teaching space for children and adults that has developed out of the idea for easiLiving.

“Ever since its inception in 2018, easiLiving has gathered, developed and showcased the creative and collaborative Spirit of Montserrat in the most beautiful and unique pieces crafted by the most talented hands in our Emerald Isle. The Montserrat Brain Trust is an expansion of the easiLiving idea that Montserratians possess the talent and the ability that can ensure Montserrat’s right and best development. Now, at easiLiving, we have expanded the work we do to include training and development in other areas, for both children and adults,” Osborne stated.

“We believe that the only thing that can set Montserrat firmly on the path to progress is the fullest application of Montserrat’s brain power, the application of the brains, i.e. the gifts, talents, education, skills etc. and the will of the Montserratian people, those who live on Montserrat AND those who are in the diaspora,” she added.

Montserrat Brain Trust will offer workshops, seminars and other learning and teaching opportunities for children.

The Montserrat BrainTrust is open for children’s AfterSchool from Tuesday to Thursday every week. Children aged eight to 14, are invited to spend time improving their knowledge base and skill levels in areas such as Reading, Writing and Speaking, Critical Thinking, Life Skills, Debate and Discussion, and Arts and Crafts. The monthly fee is EC$100.

Other products that have come out of the easiLiving brand are BrainPower, a weekly radio programme and The Montserrat Conference, which has set itself the mission of tapping into the experiences, skills and intellectual resources of Montserratians and friends of Montserrat at home and in the diaspora, to generate ideas for the development of Montserrat.

For more information or to register call 664 392-3274 or email .