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Montserrat BrainTrust Afterschool Publishes First Book for Children

Montserrat BrainTrust is proud and happy to announce the publication of “The Montserrat BrainTrust Alphabet Book”, book number one in its first series of books for children.

The Montserrat BrainTrust Alphabet Book is the brainchild of a group of nine students of Montserrat BrainTrust Afterschool 2020-21 group.

Amara Sterling, Ezra Allen, Javeena Williams, Jayden Fraser, Juliandra Sterling, Nathalie J’Nya Durand, Nelson Smith, Tinashe Eshe and Tsahay Eshe, all between the ages of eight and thirteen, are credited as the authors of the book, and will receive royalties from its sales.

The Montserrat BrainTrust Alphabet Book is a series, in full and glorious colour, of the flora, fauna, culture and language of Montserrat. Book One is a picture book intended for children of primary school age, in which the pictures are described by words and short phrases appropriate for children of that age.

Book Number Two, which will be published in 2023, will have short poems, limericks, mini-stories and other verbal illustrations of the pictures and drawings.

Now, the Montserrat BrainTrust Alphabet Book Number One can be ordered through Amazon and its affiliates, for $35.99 US. It will be available for direct purchase on Montserrat in December 2022, for $100.00 ECD.