24 students advance at Montserrat Tae Kwon Do club

Tkdo exams2ST. PETERS, Montserrat – All 24 of the students who took the bi-annual Tae kwon do exams on May 1 advanced to the next level last Monday.

Fourth Degree Black Belt John Lynch, who runs the Montserrat Tae kwon do Club, presented the class of students ranging from six to 40 with their new belts.

Students at the school are tested twice a year on their knowledge of forms and fighting techniques delivered in the Chung Do Kwan style of the martial art. A student’s progress is marked by attaining coloured belts. The beginner’s belt is white and the highest level of achievement is a black belt. The promotion test allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their overall physical condition, flexibility as well power and speed by breaking boards and their punching, blocking and kicking techniques.

Tkdo examsDuring the recent exams, students at the brown belt level were also required to break boards. All four students were successful in obtaining additional stripes on their brown belts. Instructor John Lynch said he was pleased with their success and encouraged them to be more focused about learning the art as future opportunities could bring them into competition with students from other schools around the region.

Tae kwon do originated in Korea and is the world’s most popular form of martial arts. Tae kwon do as a martial art is popular with people of both genders and of many ages. Physically, Tae kwon do develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina.


In photo – Shiloh Sweeney, now a third stripe brown belt student takes a leap over five of his classmates to kick the board being held by instructor John Lynch of the Montserrat Tae Kwon Do Club. (Courtesy Manish Valechha)

A student breaks a board during the promotional test at the Montserrat Tae Kwon Do Club. (Courtesy Manish Valechha)