HYPE to host 2-day entrepreneurship seminar

BRADES, Montserrat – The Office of the Chief Minister has endorsed a new initiative by the Ministry of Youth Affairs to encourage the island’s youth to consider starting their own business.

Through the Help Youth Prepare for Employment programme (HYPE), a two-day entrepreneurship seminar will be held on September 7 & 8, 2010 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

According to Parliamentary Secretary responsible for youth, Hon. Jermaine Wade, the two-day event is the next phase in the HYPE programme which has been coordinating apprenticeships for young people who are presently unemployed. “The seminar is to give our young people more tools to build a business. Many of them have ideas but are not sure how to implement them and this activity will provide a foundation that can be the start of self-employment,” explained Hon. Jermaine Wade.

An exciting line-up of speakers and practical sessions has been designed. Sessions include Dollars and Sense, Business Planning 101, the 5-minute sales pitch and a networking break.

Chief Minister Reuben Meade, who has been a steady advocate for more initiatives to stimulate the private sector, welcomed the launch of the seminar and reiterated earlier statements that resources must be found to support viable new ventures that are developed by young people.

“We want our people to consider other things than working for government. Government alone cannot keep this country running. It takes the creativity and initiative from our people for Montserrat to advance. The creation of HYPE and seminars such as these are to support this vision and we encourage unemployed people to take advantage of this,” said the Hon. Reuben Meade.

“The two days are planned to be very practical and provide the information to get them started. At the culmination of this we will be launching the Minister’s New Enterprise Challenge where they will be given an opportunity to compete for the start-up funds for their business,” said Hon. Wade.

The seminars are free but registration is required. Persons can contact the Ministry of Youth Affairs at 491-5703 or email myacts@gov.ms.