Church Affairs, Highly Anticipated First Novel by Montserratian Theo Semper Now Out

Cover Church Affairs by Theo Semper

BRADES, Montserrat – Struggles of the heart, faith and troubled pasts abound in Church Affairs, the debut novel by Montserrat native Theo Semper.

“Church Affairs doesn’t read like a novel from a first time author,” says Jeevan Robinson of “Semper handles the story like someone with two or three books already under his belt.”

The 300-page book delves into the lives of three ambitious young women Jynene, Shivon, and Stephanie whose journeys become intertwined as they help each other deal with their troubled pasts.

Semper, a licensed pilot now living in Arlington, Texas, introduces the handsome and charismatic Pastor Robert Grant who can have his pick of the women in his congregation. However, it is Jynene with the violent history that catches his eye but her past may just be their undoing. Pastor Grant has troubles of his own as he is unconvinced that God has called him to the ministry, and being on the inside at St. Luke United Church leaves him with thoughts that church may be nothing more than a “racket.”

“There is nothing but drama surrounding church and church people and I have heard enough real life church-stories to fill a couple of books. It just seemed like an obvious choice when I started,” said the author. “There are obviously other themes in the book besides church people and their drama, but that was a good a place to start as any.”

Church Affairs explores the timely issues of domestic violence, religion, and love against the backdrop of the church— and forbidden affairs.

Author Theo Semper

You can take a sneak peek inside Church Affairs on and other online retailers.

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