ZJB Radio Montserrat paying tribute to national icons Joseph Meade and Arrow

BRADES, Montserrat – National radio station ZJB Radio Montserrat has been airing a series of tributes to former Speaker of the House Joseph Meade and the Soca King of the World Alphonsus ‘Arrow’ Cassell MBE, who both passed away last week.

Radio Manager Herman Sargeant said “we just felt that it was fitting to pay tribute to these icons of Montserrat. Both have made significant contributions to the island’s advancement and we wanted to celebrate that.”

Tributes will be aired throughout the day until the funeral of both men.

Tributes to the former Speaker of the House Joseph Meade were recorded by Director of Regional Affairs Claude Hogan, who worked with Mr. Meade while he was a teacher; former Clerk of Councils Claudette Weekes, and former minister of government Annie Dyer-Howe.

Mr. Meade laid the ground work for the establishment of the Youth Parliament, which is still very active today. The former speaker will be laid to rest on Tuesday, September 28.

Musicians, broadcasters and calypsonians from around the region were willing to lend their words and memories to the tributes for Arrow. They include: Calypsonian Sparrow; Broadcasters Julian Rogers and Nat Moses; Invader of St. Lucia; Ricardo Anthony, the drummer in Arrow’s Multi-National Force Band; jazz musician Ronald Bochinson; and Jeff ‘Pele’ Elva, the reigning calypso monarch of St. Lucia.

Arrow, who is Montserrat’s most famous son, will be laid to rest on Friday, October 1, 2010 after a ceremony at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

ZJB Radio Montserrat can be heard on 88.3 and 95.5 FM and online at www.zjb.gov.ms.