Soca Artist Scrappy Retires from MonFest competitions

International Soca Artist from Montserrat Scrappy.

BRADES, Montserrat – One popular name on Montserrat’s Soca stage will be missing from this year’s competition. Scrappy, now an international Soca artist living in the UK announced on Sunday, he will not be competing in this year’s Soca Monarch competition and is retiring from competitions all together.

Garvin “Scrappy” Johnson who is known for his hits “Always Home”, “Carnival SOS”, “Carnival Day” and this seasons big tune “Last Lap” says he plans to focus on building his career as an entertainer with more performances internationally and releasing new albums.

“I just want to take this time to say to everyone who supported me over the years a massive thank you for the support and love,” Scrappy posted on his Facebook page. “I have finally made a decision to retire from all local Calypso and Soca competitions in Montserrat. 2009 was my last year competing. I will be performing and releasing albums but as far as competing again that will be a no.”

Fans on his Facebook page are urging him to reconsider and believe his latest tune “Last Lap” has the potential to take the Road March top position but Scrappy says he’s taken it as far as he can go and wants to put his energy into creating bigger and better tunes for his fans to enjoy.

Scrappy has competed four times in the annual Soca competitions on island which are part of the Montserrat Festival calendar. He won the crown in 2005. He has four albums released and plans to have his latest project called S.O.C.A – Soul Of Caribbean Artform out in Summer 2011.