Learn the Art of Reinventing your Career at YES Caribbean

BRADES, Montserrat – Conference host Nerissa Golden will be teaming up with Career Development Expert Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe to bring The Art of Reinvention workshops to YES Caribbean. The two motivators will focus on how persons can take their years of experience in various jobs and fashion them into a more focused and purposeful career.

YES Caribbean is a conference for entrepreneurs and persons considering a career change or who have been out of work and looking for new opportunities. It takes place May 25 to 28 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. Dr. DeFoe is one of several featured speakers sharing their knowledge on business development and overcoming the spiritual, financial and physical challenges of being an entrepreneur.

She says one of the first thing that individuals should do is assess their “transferable skills and determine what current and emerging occupations those skills can be used in if you need a new job, your interest have changed or the jobs have disappeared. Also look to see what gaps are in the community and determine how you can monetize your skills and create a mico-enterprise.”

For people who want to retool their occupational or technical skills into a new job it is important that they assess their gifts and talents, suggests Dr. DeFoe. “Reinvent yourself offering services using these and also think how you can use technology to sell this so you are not limiting yourself to only the local economy but the global economy as well.”

“Reinventing yourself is about seeing an opportunity in the middle of something that looks like it was the worse event happening to you,” says host of YES Caribbean Nerissa Golden. “It doesn’t happen by accident but my making a conscious decision that you are going to turn the bad for good. We all have skills we are not using to the optimum. This is the time to find those passions you put on the back burner. Your income and future success is hidden within them.

Both speakers will be speaking daily on various topics within The Art of Reinvention series during the four-day conference. Visit www.yes.trulycaribbean.net to see the full lineup of speakers and schedule of activities.