Virtual Prayer Days for Montserrat

ST. PETERS, Montserrat  – Nerissa Golden, Director of Information & Communications for the Government of Montserrat is calling for a series of Virtual Prayer Days on behalf of the island.

This call comes on the heels of another violent attack on Saturday night against a young man who is presently in hospital with injuries inflicted by a cutlass wielding assailant. Police have arrested the attacker but have not yet released any information on the incident.

“We need to move now. If you follow the conversations across social media and on radio you will see that residents and nationals across the globe who call Montserrat home are saying this is not the Montserrat they grew up in. We have an opportunity to turn things around with prayer first,” Golden said.

Two weeks ago Golden called on churches and community groups to speak up on violence against women after a woman was brutally murdered by her fiancé. Since that incident, a secondary school student was injured after he was attacked at school by another student with a scissors.

“It won’t go away because we say nothing or pretend it’s still not as bad as what is happening on our neighbouring islands. We don’t want it to increase and we have to be proactive to see that it doesn’t and in fact dissipates.”

Golden, who is an advocate for the use of technology to improve the lives of Caribbean people is calling for Virtual Prayer Days for Montserrat starting on Wednesday, March 21 and until Wednesday April 18, 2012.

“For the next five Wednesdays we are asking all of our nationals and people who love the island to turn their status and profile pictures to the “I am Praying for Montserrat” image. Throughout the day everyone is encouraged to pray, meditate and just send positive thoughts out on behalf of the island.”

Golden added that there are five Wednesdays between now and the end date which represent the spiritual number for grace and the need for God to favour the island. She encourages everyone who will participate to do five things:

1)      Change their Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to the logo;

2)      Spend a few moments praying the given prayer on behalf of the island and their family;

3)      Fast a meal, alcohol, sweets, whatever they are led to give up for the day;

4)      Give an offering or donation to an organisation, share and/or do a kind deed for someone else; and

5)      Identify one thing you can do to improve your own life. Spending time with your children as they do school work, volunteer, exercise, save more money, start a business.

“Montserrat is made up of individuals so it will be the individual choices we make that will change the collective good and state of the island. Government can enact and toughen laws but they cannot change the heart of man. Only God can do that and it’s why I believe we need to begin with prayer. When we honour God’s power to bring the change we need then we will remember that we can move forward knowing He is in control and will empower us to take the stand we need to in all areas of our society,” explains Golden.

The author is also calling on the churches and community groups to organise their own prayer sessions that transcend denomination.

“We need prayer sessions across the island and I would like to ask that church leaders show their support for the prayer days by opening their buildings and allowing people regardless of denomination to come in and pray. People can go to the church building closest to them. God transcends all denominations and locations and we want to remember this as we call on him.”

Those interested in participating can log on to the Spirit of Montserrat on Facebook page to download the logo and the prayer and to also see the schedule of prayer days and other ways they can get involved. Golden can be reached at or