MSS Alumni Association makes donation to their alma mater

BRADES, Montserrat – Alumni of the Montserrat Secondary School on Thursday presented much-needed supplies to the school as part of their bi-annual get together during Montserrat’s Festival 50 celebrations.

Dorette Harris, president of the registered charity, which comprises of former students of the island’s sole high school, said last year the association received a list of items needed by each department. “We asked them to prioritise the needs and went about acquiring the items at the top. In the year ahead we plan to tackle all of the items on the list until it is completed.”

The supplies which filled two barrels are valued at more than EC$ 13,000 and include Bunsen burners, lab coats, printer inks, and a projector. A $26,000 high-volume copier has already been delivered to the school by the association. The group also included a three-year service plan for the copier and a member of staff will be trained on how to handle basic repairs of the machine.

The association hosted its second reunion during Festival 50 and included hikes, parties and other activities with the funds raised going to support the secondary school.