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Secondary School students brainstorm on future business ideas for the new town

BRADES, Montserrat – Students in the third form of the Montserrat Secondary School on Thursday strategized on possible new business ventures which would be needed in the new town being built at Little Bay.

Following a presentation on the plans for the new town and port by Franklyn Greenaway and Rochelle Lee from the Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC), the students who are taking part in the annual Career Week pitched ideas for businesses they could start.

Entrepreneurs Linda Dias of Aeon Designs, Dr Samuel Joseph of Lavabits, Nerissa Golden of goldenmedia, student entrepreneurs Nadia Brown and Sharese Allen spoke about their businesses and why it is a viable option for students preparing for the future.

The students considered Montserrat’s rugged terrain and suggested a nature park with zip lining, underwater aquariums, jewellery and other high-end boutiques to go with the upscale villas and condos being planned; as well as more possibilities for landscape architects, chefs and tour guides.

Joseph, who heads Montserrat’s first software development company Lavabits, told the students that technology allows you to live on Montserrat and do business with the world. They only needed access to a laptop and steady internet to be able to create web apps, video games and other programmes which could be sold around the globe.

Dias concurred saying that many of her design clients she has never met but is able to deliver a good product and be paid without leaving Montserrat.

Career Week is organised by the Montserrat Secondary School with the support of the Youth Department. On Friday, students experienced the Career Fair set up at the Montserrat Secondary School to look at job opportunities available on island.

Photo caption: Franklyn Greenaway of the Montserrat Development Corporation speaks to third form students at the Montserrat Secondary School at the Entrepreneur’s Forum about plans for the new town and how they fit it, on Thursday, May 9, 2013. (Linda Dias Photo)