School Art Exhibition and Film Festival to highlight the importance of Mental Health

Art FestivalBRADES, Montserrat – Living with Schizophrenia is the theme for this year’s activities organized by the Mental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health and Social Services for the Government of Montserrat.

According to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicole Edgecombe a series of events to bring awareness to the importance of every resident caring for their own mental health have been scheduled to run from October 10 until early November.

The Oscar nominated film A Beautiful Mind will be first in a series of films to be shown across the island as part of the Mental Health Film Festival. The film will air Friday, October 10 at 6pm at the Lookout School Auditorium.

Dr. Edgecombe said each film focuses on Living with Schizophrenia. “Often schizophrenia begins to show signs in people during their teen to young adult years and we feel it is important that everyone understands how necessary it is to take care of their own mental well-being.” The second feature film will be The Soloist scheduled for Saturday October 18 at 6pm at the National Trust in Salem.

Mrs Sujue Davis, wife of His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis, will host a screening of a short documentary also on schizophrenia during her weekly Coffee Morning on Tuesday, October 14 from 10am. The 20-minute documentary titled “Living with Schizophrenia” shows interviews with patients living with schizophrenia, and mental health professionals who treat them.

“As is our intention for this year’s World Mental Health Day activities we hope to emphasize that people diagnosed with schizophrenia can live normal lives with appropriate treatment and support,” the clinical psychologist noted.

FILM FESTIVALStudents at the local primary, secondary school and the community college have already begun to work on murals which will be on display during the School Art Exhibition from October 31 to November 6 at the Montserrat National Museum in Little Bay. The opening ceremony on October 31 will be from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. The exhibition will then spend a week at the Montserrat National Trust from November 7 to the 13th. Showings are each day during regular operating hours from 8am to 4pm.

Presently nurses from the mental health unit are visiting each school to discuss mental illness and the ways in which Mental Health is Montserrat’s Wealth which is the focus of the art pieces that are to be created.

More information on Living with Schizophrenia will be given during Talking Health on October 15th from 3:05pm on ZJB Radio Montserrat.