Ralph Birkhoff elected Yacht Club Commodore

Yachts in the Little Bay harbor. (MYC Photo)
Yachts in the Little Bay harbor. (MYC Photo)

ISLES BAY, Montserrat – Developing Montserrat’s yachting industry is a priority goal for the the incoming Commodore of the Montserrat Yacht Club (MYC), businessman Ralph Birkhoff.

Birkhoff stated in a Facebook Group (Montserrat Connections), he was “very pleased to have been elected” as the new commodore and is looking forward to working with Jay Steed (Vice Commodore), Ivason Galloway, Adrian Galloway, and Vidya Birkhoff “to put our club on the regional and international map.”

The new head thanked outgoing Commodore Dwain Lovett for all “his terrific efforts in driving membership and awareness of the club, and we look forward to his continuing support as Past Commodore.”

The new board has already developed a list of goals for the year which include getting a sailing dinghy fleet operational, initiating a sailing school, establishing an annual regatta event, and generally promoting Montserrat as an excellent destination for visiting yachts and cruisers.

MYC was founded in 1967 and is a member in good standing of the Caribbean Marine Association.