Chadd Cumberbatch is New Director of Arts Council

Chadd Cumberbatch, Director of the Montserrat Arts Council.
Chadd Cumberbatch, Director of the Montserrat Arts Council.

LITTLE BAY – Multi-talented artist Chadd Cumberbatch was announced Wednesday as the new director of the Montserrat Arts Culture.
A release from the council stated they were pleased to announce Cumberbatch’s appointment which was effective April 1, 2015.
Mr Cumberbatch holds a double major degree in Theatre Arts and Carnival Studies from the University of the West Indies and “brings to the Council a wealth of knowledge and skills in the creative and cultural industries.”
“Mr. Cumberbatch is expected to provide strategic management of the resources and operations of the Montserrat Arts Council, in implementation of the National Cultural Policy. He will also be responsible for devising and supervising the implementation of programmes geared towards the development of Montserrat’s culture, and he will lead on the artistic direction, development and planning for the productive engagement of the Montserrat Cultural Centre,” said the release.
“In his new role as Director of the Montserrat Arts Council, Mr. Cumberbatch will also provide professional and efficient oversight and management of key national festivals and events, to enable the generation of economic activity, while
preserving and promoting Montserrat’s culture.”
The new director is an author, renowned costume designer, poet and dramatist.
The Montserrat Arts Council, previously known as the Culture Division, is currently located upstairs the public market in the Little Bay development.