Digicel Upgrade to Bring More Channels

BRADES – Residents can look forward to a vastly improved quality of cable service in the coming months, says Richard Stanton, the Operations Director for Digicel NE Caribbean.

Stanton told Discover Montserrat due to the now competitive environment they couldn’t share the expected timelines for the relaunch of the cable service with increased channels for consumers.

However, Digicel crews are presently running more than 20 kilometers of fibre optic cable overhead. “It has been challenging as we’ve had to do a lot of tree cutting and some of the terrain is different than other islands where we are already established,” the director shared. “We’ve also been doing some remedial work which for some customers has meant that they’ve experienced temporary loss of service. It may get worse before it gets significantly better.”

Local manager Petronella Frith said the team, which will grow to eight with the arrival of a marketing officer, has been pleased with the public take up of the new company and products. “We also have the support of the Antigua office to ensure we continue to offer the best service to customers.”

The telecommunications company took over Caribbean Cable Communications in 2013 and launched Digicel in December 2014. It promises customers will have a “vastly improved number of channels.” While an HD television is not necessary to get the additional channels, those with HD TVs will also be able to access extra fully digital channels.