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ServSafe Food Service Training and Certification Workshop for Montserrat

Small business managers and practitioners on Montserrat will this week embark on a four day Servsafe Food Protection Managers Course organized by the Montserrat Development Cooperation, sponsored by the Caribbean Development bank (CDB) and facilitated by Ms. Julie-Ann Laudat, and Lionel Michael Certified Servsafe Instructors and Proctor. Ms Laudat is the Manager of JAL Training and Consultancy Services, and Lionel Michael is the Chief Health Inspector of the Ministry of Health in Antigua and Barbuda.

The workshop which is scheduled to run from April 27th to 30th at the Grandview Bread and Breakfast Guest House in Baker Hill has attracted over thirty participants, most of whom on March 30th were given a diagnostic test in preparation for the upcoming training.

Participants were strongly encouraged to read the assigned text ahead of the sessions since there is a “lot of food safety principles to cover in a short amount of time.” They have been informed that they “play a vital role in protecting the public from food borne illnesses”.