Montserrat Speaking up at Executive Meeting of Commonwealth Parliamentarians

SABAH, Malaysia – The Honourable Speaker of the Legislature, Shirley Osborne is ensuring the island’s voice is heard in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Osborne is currently in Malaysia for the Mid-Year Executive Committee Meeting for the CPA to which Montserrat is a regional representative. The meetings, taking place from April 27 to May 3, 2015 are to set the schedule and firm up plans for the future.
The new Speaker said “Montserrat has been on the executive committee for a couple of years, but had not been particularly active. The Clerk and I decided that it’s time Montserrat was counted, so I came and I am making Montserrat be heard.”

“I’m on the exco and also on the Coordinating sub-Committee which deals with deciding which trainings, workshops, seminars the CPA will host in any given year, who will host and facilitate them, and what the topics will be. Today, I pushed until we made some important changes which I will share once the meetings have concluded,” the speaker shared.
Montserrat is part of the Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic Region of the association.