Inspiring Aspiration: The Montserrat Aspirers Kicks Off Annual Scholarship

Photo Courtesy: Montserrat Aspirers Inc.

BOSTON – On the heels of its 41st anniversary, the Montserrat Aspirers Inc. (MAI) announced its open application for the annual scholarship to young people of the metro-Boston community.
A staple in the Dorchester neighborhood of Massachusetts, the organization offers a local platform to foster cultural awareness and academic excellence. With a driving force of combined knowledge and leadership, the MAI propels a gale of opportunity to learn and excel beyond the boundaries of one’s race or ethnicity.

Photo Credit: Montserrat Aspirers Inc.

With an emphasis on youth advancement, the MAI developed a tutorial program and scholarship in the earlier years of its inception.

With a name change in 2003, the revamped Henrietta Browne Memorial College Preparatory Program (HBMCPP) and scholarship set its sights on a new generation of young hopefuls. The organisation has offered financial support to more than 70 students, regardless of Montserratian lineage. A candidate must show decent academic standing at a 2.7 GPA, with a well-rounded extra-curricular resume.

Photo Courtesy: Montserrat Aspirers Inc.

A timeless memorial to the late Henrietta Browne of Montserrat, this program honors her passion for education. Countless numbers of students have attributed their success to the program, which has garnished acknowledgement from local officials and leaders of Boston.

The HBMCPP offers an interactive learning atmosphere where the textbook meets real life. No weekend is ever the same at Aspirers. Activities range from traditional tutoring sessions to engaging outings that encourage parent involvement. From SAT prep to pumpkin carving, the program offers a diverse set of activities to stimulate and challenge the young mind.
It is said, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. With this cornerstone phrase in mind, the Montserrat Aspirers continues to offer culturally infused programs to members of their community. Leaving no stone unturned, this organization forges ahead with their mission to inspire aspiration in the young and young at heart. 

The deadline of May 23rd is fast approaching and information about the award can be found here:

Photo Courtesy: Montserrat Aspirers Inc.
Photo Courtesy: Montserrat Aspirers Inc.