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Occupational Safety and Health: Building a Culture of Prevention

LITTLE BAY – Workers on Montserrat took to the streets of Brades on Monday May 4th in a Labour Day Walk and Rally which began at the LYME, travelling through the Carrs Bay area and ending at the Little Bay Playing Field.

The enthusiastic crowd which included workers from the public and private sector, a few employers as well as parents with children danced to the sound of Tribe Star and the Iron Band. Dressed in their T-shirts bearing the theme “OSH Occupational Safety and Health: Building a Culture of Prevention” and carrying signs such as “Wear proper shoes and avoid slips and falls”; Wear Protective gear it saves lives”; “Cover the sockets Prevent Electrical Shock”.

The charge was led by Hon. Minister of Labour Paul Lewis who last year was the President of the Civil Service Association (CSA). He challenged the employees and employers present to make safety a priority, saying that it benefits everybody. “Safety first, prevention foremost!” he said. The crowd was addressed by the Labour Commissioner Rudolph Christopher; Presidents of several unions – Violet Brown, Civil Service Association (CSA); Ingrid Osborne, Montserrat Union of Teachers; Alex Akie, Nurses Union and Hilroy Bramble, trade unionist and the Voice of Labour Speaks, a radio program which has agitated for workers over the years.

Following the rally, workers engaged in fun and games throughout the afternoon with their counterparts.