ALL Fire Permits Suspended on Montserrat

File photo: Controlled Fire from 2014
File photo: Controlled Fire from 2014

BRADES – With immediate effect “ALL fire permits have been suspended,” says Fire Chief Andrew West.

He issued a stern warning on ZJB Radio Montserrat to persons who light fires with or without permission, asking them to desist immediately. Montserrat is presently experiencing hot, dry, windy conditions and this is a danger to life and property.

According to Mr West the fire officers had a full day fighting fires on Tuesday, May 6, 2015. He said that the first call, came in around 10:00 a.m. and the last fire was put out about 11:00 p.m. Members of the Fire Service were assisted by persons from the community in extinguishing a large bush fire at Isles Bay, which threatened three homes.

Of concern was the fact that there is only one fire tender on island. During the time when it was engaged at Isles Bay, there was another call from Davy Hill. Officers responded, but without the services of a fire tender they had to resort to the use of a hose and a fire hydrant. That house which was fortunately unoccupied, burnt completely.

In response to the question about getting a second tender, he responded that there are two tenders in the UK being held up for some reason. He assured the country that his men were on the ball and would do what needs to be done given the resources available, even if it meant organizing a “bucket brigade” but he also appealed for cooperation of all concerned, including the authorities to assist the Department.